How to Make Cakes at Home

Easy to Make Cakes At Home!


Cooking is a mode of rejuvenation for many people; they find peace in spending some time in the kitchen and away from all the humdrum of the world. In our daily life, there arrive a number of instants when we want to cherish the moment with some special items. But eventually, settle ourselves with whatever comes in the way. But just hold on! Why we are discussing the monotonous stuff of daily life and not that how could we improve it? Well, we definitely need to think about it.

How would it be to prepare your desired dish in less time? And for a great beginning, initiate with the Cake making. Good Idea?

So let’s start the easiest way to make a delicious cake in your kitchen. Be ready with the ingredients as you will get the yummy cake in just 30 minutes.

And today we make the simplest Flourless Chocolate Cake. Note down the steps and enjoy the happy baking.

- Collect the only 5 ingredients -100 gms of chocolate, 4 eggs, 75 gms butter, 100 gms sugar, and Flaked almonds. 

- Break the chocolate into small and mixed pieces and melt with the hot water.

- Mix butter and sugar in a bowl and add 4 egg yolks simultaneously in the mixture.

-  Take another bowl and whisk 3 egg whites until it becomes foamy.

- Let your heated chocolate cool and teem it into the butter and egg mixture.

- Now add the egg white mixture and splash it perfectly.

Now pour the mixture into a buttered oven tray and now ornament the mixture with flaky almonds. 

- last but not least, set your oven at 175 degrees and bake for just 10 minutes and here it comes the Flourless Chocolate Cake.

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