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1- Should I be sure about the On-Time delivery of my gift cake?


Answer- Undoubtedly! What’s the use of getting the gift after the occasion folds itself to end! We know that our assurance is not enough to give you a piece of mind whether the gift will reach on time or not! And that lets us provide you the direct access to the shipment process through our Gift trackers which will exactly inform you when your order is going to be received.  


2- At what time can I expect my gift to be received?  


Answer- This straight away depends on the way you choose to deliver. We have variations in the ways to deliver the gift items. You can choose from the various delivery schemes that we have mentioned in our portal. We guarantee you that we precisely obey our schemes.


3- How Can I be sure that my gift will be in its original shape until it is received? Or what if it gets damaged?


Answer - Well, our smart and intelligent team has managed each thing very smartly. And they ensure that no damage could ever happen to your cake or gift. But no one knows the future, and if any complications would ever happen to your order, you may be eligible for a refund of the entire amount (shipping amount Plus Order).


4- What is the probability of getting my order placed by tomorrow if I place my order today?


Answer- One-One! No speculations as we already have mentioned this criterion in our delivery schemes. You can order your gift through a UPS overnight service for delivery. And your order will reach your address by the time you need it.


5- For how long the selected gifts could stay fresh?


Answer- Good Question! Well, in order to keep your product clean, safe and fresh, we use the dry ice and polystyrene. This unique functionality keeps your yummy cake as fresh as you expect it to be. 


6- What Ingredients do you use in making the cakes?


Answer- Only the finest material! We don’t want to compromise the quality of our items. So we only use the affiliated and good to eat ingredients in baking and caking. We use German chocolate, cane sugars, sweet and real butter, creamy frostings with great things that make cakes more yum and memorable. If you are conscious about any allergy from any specific ingredient then please check our chart and directly inform us about the same. 


Note- We provide both kinds of cakes; eggless and with egg. 


7- May I add a personal content for my loved ones in the same delivery cakes?  


Answer- Yes, we could mention the special occasion with the receiver's name on the top of the cake. But unable to add anything else as the imported chocolate could be disturbed. And please note that do not forget to mention your information on the shipping information. As the gift will then only reach its decided point with the sender’s name. And apart from this, we send a greeting card to your given address with wishes by your name. 

8- Can I cancel or replace my order?


Answer- Depends on! If you contact our office by phone to make a request to cancel the order before the order shipment then there is no problem in cancellation. But once the order has shipped from our side it cannot be cancelled or refunded.


9- My gift has not been placed on time because of incorrect or incomplete address, Is there any chances of getting back my money? 


Answer- Sorry! As we have already mentioned that once the order has shipped from our end we cannot refund the bucks. And also our site perfectly and boldly speaks that before placing your order make sure you have entered the right and complete address of the final destination of the gift. If your gift can not reach the destination because of inappropriate address and consequently returned, a definite refund will not be allowed to you as we have to pay extra for its return charges as well. 


The all we can do for you is a reship of a new product itself but you must be okay to pay for the new shipping cost and we will cover the product’s cost with the previous budget of the gift.    


10- Are the gift cakes healthy?


Answer- Absolutely. We bake only healthy cakes!